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» Some EHIC Cards may no longer be valid
Thu, 14 Apr 2011
European Health Insurance Cards (replacing the E111) were introduced in 2000 with a 10 year card life.

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Together we will discover the world

The BAT Adventure's mission is to provide you with an unforgettable adventure holiday that offers you the opportunity for new and exciting experiences. Together we will discover the most incredible people and places, experience different cultures and traditions and wonder at nature’s most amazing wildlife and spectacular landscapes.

Travel as you have never experienced it before

Adventure holidays offer an alternative way to explore the world. There are many ways to travel, and a holiday full of fantastic and extraordinary adventures will allow you to discover new cultures and see the world from new and different perspectives. Tours organised by BAT Adventure are unique in character and will provide participants with many exciting moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. 

Our values and fair prices

We are an independent tour operator located in Scotland, the beautiful northern country of the United Kingdom. We are proud to guarantee the high quality and value for money we offer, as we manage most of our tours ourselves. All of the inclusions in our trips are the result of careful research, to get the right balance of value, safety and adventure that is best suited to our travellers.


BAT Adventure offers a wide selection of tours, safaris and expeditions, all containing elements of exciting adventure at the most competitive prices. The most important thing for us is our passion, and the ability to share that passion with others. Our attention to detail and high level of service ensures our happy customers come back to us and recommend our tours to their friends. What better reward for our work?

How do we travel? See the world from a different perspective

Our tours are conducted in small groups with an average   size of 10-12 people. This as much as is possible minimises the negative impact on the environment. This allows you to fully participate in discovering the world in a responsible way under the leadership of an experienced leader. We never forget our values, such as the protection and welfare of our planet. Each step takes us into the distant places of the world and aims to enrich the community through the positive nature of our trips.

Solo Traveller? With us, you are not alone

Our tours are designed in a way that is ideal for everyone. We care particularly for solo travellers. Everyone has the right to explore the world without having to incur additional costs. With us you will feel as if you are among friends, because everyone is unique and the atmosphere of the expedition is welcoming. Our solo travellers will be accommodated in a twin room with another member of the group of the same sex. However, if you wish to book a single room, an additional charge will be payable. 

Where do we sleep?

The accommodation is a very important element of the journey. We always do everything to ensure that the night is organised at a place with special character. We take into consideration in the selection of accommodation are the safety, attractiveness, hospitality and quality. As a responsible tour operator, we care strongly about local communities in countries to which our tours are organised. We support the development of local businesses by choosing hotels and guesthouses owned by local families.