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» Some EHIC Cards may no longer be valid
Thu, 14 Apr 2011
European Health Insurance Cards (replacing the E111) were introduced in 2000 with a 10 year card life.
Cultural & discovery tours
Discover many exotic and gorgeous places on earth which have a beauty that is still unspoiled by civilization. Experience the amazing sights, smells and sounds of nature around you. Enjoy meeting the warm and friendly locals who will make you feel part of their community and share with you the magic of their culture and land.
Walking & Trekking
Walking trips give you a great opportunity to discover the world and reach remote and rarely visited destinations that are not accessible by other forms of travelling. If you love long walks, scrambling up mountains or pushing through dense jungle to reach unknown places full of fascinating people, traditions and landmarks, you're on the right way to connect your passion with a suitable style of journey.
Family Adventures
Adventure holidays with your children allow the whole family to share new, invaluable experiences and give a fantastic opportunity to discover the unknown and beautiful world. Children grow up very quickly and every moment should be used as efficiently as possible to make sure that you do not regret the lost time in the future.
Diving is your passport to a spectacular new world of lightness, to a festival of exotic marine lives. Immerse yourself to the amazing architecture of beautiful corals, discover the museum of history and much more…