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Napoleon fish, gorgonian coral, Similan Islands
Sea Anemone
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Thailand enjoys a deserved reputation as one of the most beautiful and friendly countries in Southeast Asia, which attracts millions of tourists from over the world, seeking the exotic, sun and a desire to know the different customs . The traditional lifestyles, an impressive history and a rich cultural heritage offer an exotic contrast to the fast development of the country to a modern stylish destination.
Thailand offers many reasons to visit: the beautiful beaches, amazing surroundings, majestic cliffs forming a backdrop to spectacular azure blue water.

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Diving in the Similan, Surin and Richelieu Rock

Similan Islands can lay claim to some of the most beautiful dive sites in Thailand and are on par with some of the best diving destinations worldwide. Located about one hundred kilometres northwest of Phuket, the Similans consist of nine granite islands covered in lush, tropical, jungle foliage, surrounded by sparkling clear blue oceans. The east coast, with its white beaches, feature hard coral gardens which slope down 40m, which allows enthusiasts enjoy many styles of diving in a relatively small area. You can find both, easy and shallow reef diving sites, as well as a deep, rocky sites with strong currents, suitable only for experienced divers. The east coast is characterized by a rich and gentle stretches horned corals, giant corals, gorgonians, and countless species of colorful anemones. There are populated by every type and size of reef fish, shrimp, sea horses, turtles, sharks and leopard rays.

Western Similan offers pace and exhilaration as divers soars through and around huge granite boulders. Dramatic rock formations abound including: holes, overhangs, swimthroughs and canyons. There is a spectacular variety of colourful soft corals and enormous sea fans that span metres across. Here you have the opportunity to see large fish such as sharks, stingrays, manta rays or tuna.

North of the Similan Islands are other popular destinations such as Ko Bon, Ko Tachai and Richelieu Rock, which have a deserved reputation for offering the opportunity to observe pelagic life. Around Richelieu Rock in particular both whale sharks and manta rays can be observed during the dive season.

Full day diving safari in Phuket
With direct access to the Similan Islands, Phang Nga Bay and the Southern Islands of Racha Yai and Racha Noi, Phuket has been considered for years as the perfect base for divers to enjoy their holiday. One-day trips for diving boats are carried out on an almost daily basis throughout the year. Dramatically beautiful scenery around Ko Phi Phi offer a range of excellent dive sites making Phuket an ideal base for diving from the land. Koh Dok Mai is a rocky island with vertical cliff walls, covered with a crown on the surface of green tropical vegetation. Underwater there are hundreds of cracks, caves and ravines, descending vertically to the ocean  bottom located on average at a depth of about 30 meters. In the caves you can find stalactites and other interesting rock formations.

Another popular place is Shark Point, named after an admired inhabitant of this region, the leopard shark. You can also find large number of barracudas, octopus, morays and snappers. Anemone Reef is another popular choice, which received the official status of the aquatic nature park.  King Cruiser, an impressive wreck of a ferry with a length of 86 meters, which sank in 1997 is also popular.

Whichever destination you choose, your Thai holiday will always be a great combination of amazing diving, beach relaxation and cultural discovery.

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Our offers are totally flexible and tailored specifically to the requests of divers. According to your own preferences, you can enjoy a wonderful diving week package in Phuket, Phi Phi or Krabi you can take a full day safari during holidays spent in one of the popular Thai resorts, or visit to some of fantastic places which are available during the trip by boat.

If you are interested in diving in Thailand, send us an inquiry and we will prepare an offer especially for you.

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