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Thu, 14 Apr 2011
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Tour Leader

Dreaming of travel? Share  your passion with us. Work abroad leading BAT Adventure travel tours!

Do you have great travel experience and a passion to explore the world? You are well organised, not afraid of new challenges, like fun and have a great sense of humour? You're on the right path to turn your passion into your work.

What are the requirements of a BAT Adventure Tour Leader?

  1. Passion for adventure travel
    BAT Adventure is an independent tour operator that specialises in adventure travel. People who work for us share the same passion to discover the world; learning about new cultures and enjoying exploration of mysterious parts of the world. Our Tour Leaders represent different nationalities and come from diverse cultures. However, all have  one very important element in common - a love for travel and extensive knowledge of the places to which our trips are organised.
  2. Language skills
    The basic condition that must be met by all Tour Leaders is a very good knowledge of English. Tour Leaders working in South and Central America must also communicate fluently in Spanish. Knowledge of any additional languages is an advantage.
  3. Excellent leadership and communication skills
    Tour Leaders must have good experience in managing groups and an ability to communicate effectively.
  4. Self-reliance and resourcefulness
    We seek people who can quickly solve problems and take effective action to settle any difficult situations that arise.
  5. Good health and a high level of energy
    Adventure tours are often characterised by an element of adventure, hence  our Tour Leaders need to be in good health and capable of participating in all activities.
  6. First Aid Course
    All Tour Leaders must have a first aid qualification to be prepared to respond in case of emergency.
  7. Computer literacy
    A working knowledge of the Internet, e-mail, Microsoft Word and Excel is essential.
  8. Responsible tourism
    Our Tour Leaders must know our Responsible Tourism Policy, provide an inspiring example and show good practice to all our travellers.

What BAT Adventure offers you?

  1. A job in a prestigious company in an international team of people full of the joy of life and sharing the same passions for travel.
  2. A job that allows you to combine your passion for travel with well-paid and interesting work.
  3. The opportunity to develop your own hobbies: photography, filming, journalism, painting, scuba diving, rock climbing, etc.
  4. The opportunity for personal development and advancement.
  5. We cover costs of accommodation, meals, transportation, admission to visited places (included in the programme).

Tour Leader's job description

  1. Maintain a high level of travellers’ satisfaction.
  2. Reliable implementation of tour programme, leading a group of travellers with responsiblity for participants’ well-being.
  3. Good knowledge of the visited country, culture, religion, environment, current situation, etc.
  4. Good knowledge of local hotels, restaurants, transportation  and activities  in the countries in which you work.
  5. Establish and develop new contacts and information that may be useful in improving services.

Tour Leader Responsibilities

  1. Care and welfare of the group on a daily basis, translating for travellers if required.
  2. Implementing trip programme, making changes only when necessary.
  3. Booking of accommodation, transport and additional attractions for those wishing to take part in extra activities.
  4. Accompaning participants during the extra activities.
  5. Giving advice to travellers when choosing the restaurants, additional transportation, attractions, interesting places to visit, etc.
  6. Conducting the daily settlement of costs for incurred expenses.
  7. Preparing the final report of each trip in the format required by BAT Adventure.
  8. Introduction of new Tour Leaders to routes and provide related training (if required).


The main tasks of each Tour Leader is to ensure that all participants have fun, are safe and take part in the vacation of their lives. Our clients are people of all ages, characterised by different interests, experiences and goals for the trip. Tour Leaders must understand the needs and requirements of individuals to ensure that every member of the party has the greatest satisfaction from a trip. Tour Leaders must implement the programme with the highest level and quality of service.

Note: Please do not send your CVs. We also do not accept any documents sent by post. Only applications submitted on our website will be considered.

If would like to join our team, please apply now. Thank you.